Do I Have to Disclose My Salary History?

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” am currently on the hunt for a new job after four years at my current company, and I’ve run into something that concerns me: A few of the jobs I’ve applied to have asked me to provide both what I’m currently making and my salary requirements. “…Do I Have to Disclose My Salary History?

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5 Surprising Things Not to Say in an Interview

Learning useful tips for mastering job interviews can lead to finding a lot of different job opportunities now and in the future. The information you learn can follow you into your professional life so that you make more money and are able to take advantage of open jobs that you really want.

“There is no doubt job interviews are stressful. Between the interview preparation, trying to wow the interviewer, and managing your employment situation, your plate is full. But with all you are trying to remember “to do” have you thought about what “not to do?” Here are five things to never say in an interview.”…5 Surprising Things Not to Say in an Interview

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