Interviews: Types and Structure of the Interview

Check out everything in the article below and you will learn a lot of interesting facts about job interviews. This can lead to mastering your next interview, but also being able to go through the process with confidence! Knowledge is power, and this article has a lot of great information.

Once you’ve done your strategic networking, gotten some names and numbers, made some introductions, leveraged recruiters, and gotten referred to the right people in the right places, it’s time to sit down and master the art of the interview. Let’s start by looking at the phases of t…Interviews: Types and Structure of the Interview

The information in this article should help you immensely when it comes to going on interviews and actually getting the job. Even if you were unprepared in the past and had bad interview experiences, this can change. If you want to learn even more, then the links below are great resources.

The following is my collection of resources regarding interview preparation sheet


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